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this is my first time trying any sort of

lash tint or lash lift so I’m excited

interested let’s find out the results

hey friends welcome back to sparkling

grow Jamie here I’m super stoked because

today I am going to try some products

that I’ve never tried I’ve never tried

anything like it never tried anything

from this brand

um I love lashes I love a good mascara I

love fiber mascaras I love falsies I


magnetic lashes all the lashes like

lashes and eyebrows I feel like are the

secret sauce to just glamming up your

look a little bit

um even if you don’t wear a lot of

makeup it’s something really simple you

can do to feel a little bit more girly

that’s not over the top anybody can wear

it anyone can do it so I am not

affiliated with this company at all this

is just like a legit review something I

have seen all over Instagram the


um and I’m sure you have too because

these babies are being promoted like

crazy so I wanted to try out the Luxe

whimper lifting set with you so this is

the Lash lifting set so if you have like

stick straight eyelashes and you’re

tired of curling them because you always

forget until after you put your mascara

on and then you’re making a big mess you

know what I’m talking about

um and then I also got the tint set in


um I’m more curious about the tint set

than anything as you can tell I am very

blonde I have a little bit of lashes my

bottom lashes are actually a lot longer

than my top lashes but of course if I

put a bunch of mascara on my bottom I’m

so fight I’m so fair-skinned that the

I just start looking like I got a black

eye or something because it smudges easy

I love me and mascara but I would rather

just wear it on top if I have some nice

tint to my bottom lashes to give my

lashes more of a lift on the top so I’m

gonna do the lift on my top lashes and

the tint on hopefully my top and bottom

lashes like I said I’ve never done this

this is gonna be like an experiment for

both of us but let’s do the Lash lift

first I feel like that’s important to do

before I add tint I don’t know why but I

feel like a tint maybe has chemicals

that I might not want to mix with this

one I have no idea might be making that

up but my brain tells me to do the lift


all right so the box is a really nice

box it’s one of these magnetic sets

um and I believe you can use this set

multiple times this is not just like a

one-time use set look at all of the

tools and how beautifully lined up it is

I mean the packaging is pretty of course

it comes with this user guide which I

need to read thoroughly right meow okay

so the first step is you’re going to

want to pick out the size of lash pad

that you want to use it looks like the

smaller the pad the more intense the

curl which makes sense because if it’s

smaller it’s got It’s going to curl more


um I don’t know I’m kind of tempted to

pick something maybe in the middle

there’s actually three mediums so

there’s regular medium which is a medium

curl M1 slider curl than the medium and

M2 slider curled than the M1 and then

the large is a natural curl

um perfect for relaxing lashes that are

naturally too curly or very long so so

it can actually help you if you have two

curly lashes or there’s a very small one

if somebody is looking for a more

intense curl I feel like I might go with

like the M1 just to play it safe in the

very middle and then you guys can know

if you want to go up or down from there

all right so this is what the Lash pad

looks like and it says to apply it with

the glue and the sketchiest part that

I’m assuming this is the glue

um there are so there’s numbers on some

of it this says number six on the

instructions but I don’t I see numbers

on these one two three and then the

boxes are just like mystery so there’s

two little boxes one had the pads in it

one had like a tool in it and then this

looks like it has Tools in it maybe and

then this I’m assuming is the glue

because it’s not labeled really at all

um the instructions are in English but a

lot of it seems to be in like the

packaging and stuff is either like in

German or Swedish something I I don’t

really know either of those languages

although I did take German in high

school I could not say I remember my

German why did I take German while

Living in America I have no idea I

should have taken Spanish but

hopefully I didn’t need it while putting

on these lashes this one might be the

lesson okay so it says to clean them

well with hot water so in order to make

them stick the best so I’m not sure if

I’m supposed to dry it it’s like maybe a

light dry maybe without getting too much

lint on there

okay so I assume this is like regular



um I think this is the thinner side

you’re gonna put it on your eyelid

underneath so that your eyelashes can

curl up over the rounded pad

all right

we’re doing this

like I said I’ve never done this I

should have watched at least a tutorial

on this this might just be funny

if it’s like regular lash glue you

usually let it dry for a sec to get it

tacky but

I’m scared I’m gonna get my lashes under

it or something

like that

how I look

this feels really weird I will tell you


it definitely feels like regular lash

glue where you want to let it dry for a


I feel weird putting glue on it first

like I’m gonna like this part feels

messy this is probably why people do

this professionally and not at home

ah and now my phone’s gonna fall


all right I look I’m gonna look like a

UFC fighter I think

um that was a disaster all around my

phone was falling off the mirror I used

one of those like sticky back things

which are actually really cool but I

didn’t push it on well enough or

something because it fell off while I

was trying to put this on which really

kind of doesn’t stick very well so


you know there’s no reason for it to

need to stick with super well I guess

you probably don’t want this stuck to

your eye forever

um I’m just gonna do one lash at a time

a it’ll show results better be I’ll see

what I’m doing out of one eye I feel

like there’s a reason people go into the

salon to do stuff like this and this

might be it

all right I just read that you’re

supposed to press it down for 60 seconds

so that makes more sense

okay now it wants me to apply the glue

to the pad

but wait 60 Seconds

to put my eyelashes on it

okay during that 60 seconds I started

reading ahead and honestly

I’m a little tripped out by some of the

steps ahead

all right now I want to brush my lashes


onto this

can you even see my lashes maybe I

needed a smaller one all right this

thing’s not working maybe one of these

other tools I really feel like the

directions kind of sucks a little bit

and I feel like

this is kind of stressful

oh there we go these little tools helped

a lot more okay and you’re supposed to

try not to let your eyelashes cross

oh yeah this little pillow worked much


so it says something about putting on


cling okay so after I get these up

and stuck to this thing

I’m supposed to put lotion number one on

but it’s not supposed to touch the tips

and it’s not supposed to touch the root

and I’m like why why shouldn’t it touch

the tips or the root if my eyelashes

fall out I’m gonna be pod

and you’re supposed to put it in the

middle and then there’s like some cling


that they did not include in the Box it

says put fix your lashes upward until

they stick

be patient because they won’t stick

right away okay apply the eyelash

lifting lotion number one perm lotion to

the mid section of your lashes and cover

them with a narrow strip of cling film

for 12 to 15 minutes

depending like

Saran Wrap is that what you mean

I don’t know I probably won’t even do


so now I’m skipping steps

not helpful

remove with a dry cotton swab after


I feel like I need more glue on this


eyelid thing

I don’t know that I’ll ever do this

again hopefully I like the tint more

like should it even be in the same video

I’ll just time stamp it okay whatever

that is that’s gonna be good enough I am

so not excited about these anymore

the Lash lift part

it’s not my BFF already

all right number one

we’re gonna take one of these and I have

like multiple applications so

I don’t know drop your email if you want

me to

send it to you instead

let’s see this is number one here part

one one

all right

all right I’m gonna be totally honest

with you this is really complicated and

hard to do well filming so

I think it’s complicated not filling so

I don’t know I’m just gonna do the

finish this eye all the steps one two

three creams that each go on for 12 to

15 minutes and then come back and show

you the results because we can’t make

this happen on video my phone’s falling

off the mirror this is just ah

I’m not impressed so far okay that was

just awful I’m not I only did the one I

I’m not gonna even do the other eye I’ll

show you what results maybe happened I


I can tell from the root they are

slightly more curled very slightly

um I’m not gonna even say that I feel

like I did it 100 correctly I’m not

gonna say that

I had to like re-glue my eyelashes to

the little things every single time

there’s actually a step where I could do

the tint while doing the lift

um and I opted not to because I didn’t

even want to do the other eye like that

was awful I will never actually probably

do that again it wasn’t worth it it was

like really hard if I want an eyelash

lift I just recommend go to a

professional okay

um so I’m sorry that might be the worst

review for these things you watch on the

internet because I couldn’t even

complete it it was so awful it was

really hard to do the chemical the steps

were hard to follow

um I’ve really not never been like so

disappointed honestly in A Lash product

so that was really sad for me

um I’m hoping that I like the tint a lot


um The Tint is actually what I was most

excited about I feel like my lashes

although are not super curly I don’t

like I the lift part I don’t mind using

a curl eyelash curler I guess

um I did notice that this says I lash

and eyebrow tint both so I’m kind of

wishing I got Brown

instead of black but now I know if I do

want to get the brown because then I

could do my eyebrows but

um you know I feel like my lashes are

the most important part obviously black

will not blend well as my eyebrow color

but if it will for you that is good news

because you can use it for both it also

comes with these little eyebrow stencils

so that’s super helpful These are nice

just for like penciling in your eyebrow

too so eyebrow stencils yay this one

also says to use Lash

papers so as close to your lash line as

possible so I’m assuming those little

sticky things

I do not own any of those I did

but we had a fire out in my out but we

had a fire out in the shop and so I

don’t own any of those I’m really

disappointed that that sort of stuff

doesn’t come with the kit because it’s a

kit it should be complete it does come

however with plastic gloves but not the

actual eyelash papers that keep it off

your skin

hmm so

I guess we just have to be really

careful if I dye my eye I’m gonna be


step one clean your lashes my eyelashes

are nice and clean more interesting

instructions but it says put a pea size

of the tint squeeze about one centimeter

of cream out of the tube and about 10 to

12 drop drops of the oxidant gel into a

glass bowl and mix until it has a creamy

consistency about a one to one ratio

this is the glass bowl that they provide

very plastic


and the instructions even have a photo

with it


I don’t know how I feel about all these

directions but I really am hoping for

this tint to work this is the tint

has a nice little squeeze end


I don’t know is that a pea size then one


I mean this looks kind of brown

I don’t know we’ll see

one to one ratio


yeah mine does look Brown I do I did

think I ordered Brown

but then it says

black on the back

I don’t know all right I’m just gonna

start with that and see what happens

and then this is oh wait

what the heck they both say tint

both of these say tint they’re obviously

different things


oh I’m so confused oxidant gel

there was nothing else in the box so I’m

gonna assume that this one is the

oxidant gel yep one to one rated two

I don’t know one-to-one ratio and ten

to 12 drops seem very different

I’m gonna use one of these little wand

thingies from the other thing for

stirring though

mixing it up

and it does look very Brown I don’t know

all right

apply the color

on all your lashes from the Lash line to

the tip of your lashes closing your eyes

while applying to prevent the color from

entering your eyes

um takes effect in about 10 minutes

carefully remove the color this works

best if you tighten your lid and repeat

the steps on your other eye

two to three minutes for a lighter

result oh that’s kind of cool so you

could do it for less time for a lighter

result remove the color of the Lac with

and the Lash paper without using too

much pressure with a wet cotton pad from

your eyes

wipe the inside out so nothing will

enter your eyes repeat this until no

color residue is left okay this at least

seems more simple

let’s see

if I can do this

I am kind of excited about this one


obviously my eyelashes

do not have colors so this will be the

most effective hopefully

and I feel like with how little you need

I mean

if this is as simple as

I may be making it or not making it I

don’t know

I need

better access to the mirror and

while recording all right got a mirror

so that you guys can see and I can see


I do feel like this is going to be good

so hopefully I at least like the tint

and it’ll be worth it

man I ordered this like a month ago so I

can’t remember if I ordered brown or

black now I want to see I I will write

it in the description of this video

um which one I ordered so you know for

sure just so that you can

decide for yourself what color to pick

and it’s said to get close but I’m gonna

avoid getting close just because

I didn’t use whatever the Lash paper is

and I’d rather not have

Brown dyed skin

directly under my eyelids

and I am really tempted to put it on my

eyebrows now

that I know that you can wipe it off


for a lighter result

my phone’s Falling Again

okay I did decide to put a little on my

eyebrows and I’m gonna wash it off real

quick right now I literally just put it

on a minute ago because I do feel like

it’s maybe developing darker as it


maybe use some micellar water actually

to remove it to make sure it really

comes off

I do not feel like having black eyebrows

I haven’t dyed my hair


16 years

so this is my natural hair color

and I don’t plan on it I will export

black eyebrows with blonde hair before I

dye my hair


but I think I got it off soon enough so

I feel like we’re good my eyelashes


yeah those can go black I do feel like

it tinted them a little though

okay I am very excited about the tint I

I’m nervous on how to get it off because

without getting it in my eye or on my

skin very well it says just to use a wet

cotton pad from

white from the inside to the outside so

nothing will enter your eye repeat until

there is no color residue left okay


oh it’s on my skin there

I’m like

I don’t feel like I’m getting it exactly

how I’m supposed to

but I’m being very careful

it’s coming off easy I just got scared

and I’m like kind of trying to push

from the inside out and down and away

for having blonde eyelashes

I feel like it helps

it does not look like mascara but it did

make my eyelashes be seen and have some

color so and I wore no makeup for this

obviously so that you could see

I like the tint the tent was super easy

to use

it’ll be fun in the summer I don’t wear

as much makeup every day in the summer

although I do art mascara a lot but

I don’t know I feel like there’s a lot

more days where I don’t wear makeup and

it just feels good waking up with my

lashes and brows already like kind of

tinted so that it looks like I have hair

because I literally look like I don’t

grow hair so I don’t know

I should have done a better zoom in of

the before but I definitely got some

tint to my lashes

um so

I do like these I feel like you could

leave them on longer maybe hopefully and

get a little these tinted fast and so

that might just be as dark as it gets I

don’t know

so if you want something I kind of feel

like I ordered Brown though even though

it says black

I don’t know I’ll tell you in the

description after I look it up but

keeping this and look how big the tube

is too I like that I feel like this is

gonna last a really long time


I don’t remember how long it said they

last I feel like you’re supposed to do

it every like one to two weeks so I


depends on how bad you want to do it

it’s just kind of a tint it’s not like a

professional die because people would

probably blind themselves we’re not the

smartest race



Luxe tint set yes I like this one Lux

lash lift set I will be gifting this to

a friend who more desperately needs

curly lashes than me and really wants to

try anyways I don’t feel like I needed

it enough to do all the things that it

made me do that were very difficult to

do so that is my review not a wrap no

way connected to this company I just

love my lashes and

now you know 10th grade lash curl socks

if this was helpful don’t forget to give

it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe

button if you want to see more Beauty

reviews like this I do both Health and

Beauty and plan on doing also a lot more

like mindset and happiness stuff so if

any of that sounds interesting smash the

I will see you soon