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this is a long list of cities some are

European cities some are U.S cities the

cities on this list have discounted

award tickets by up to 25 sometimes 50

percent sometimes you can find

transatlantic flights as low as 7 500

miles or even lower this is a list for

discounted award tickets for Air France

and klm’s loyalty program called Flying

Blue they’re called promo rewards if you

time it correctly and find award

availability you can sometimes book

economy tickets for as little as 6 000

miles or business class for 44 000 miles

or less in this video we’ll go through

what promo rewards are how to find them

and how to maximize your Redemption my

name is Max and I help people like you

maximize their airline miles Hotel

points and credit card points if you

like what you see please hit the like

And subscribe button down below I’m

trying to reach 27 000 subscribers and

your support will really help me grow my

channel and let’s get started first up

earning Flying Blue models what is

flying blue flying blue is the Loyalty

program for Air France and KLM they

share the same loyalty program to earn

Flying Blue models it’s super easy

because almost all credit card points

transfers to Flying Blue American

Express Chase City Capital One and built

so you have a ton of options to transfer

credit card points to Flying Blue if

you’re looking to apply for any cards my

affiliate links are down below and using

those links help support my channel now

to redeeming Flying Blue models what are

flying blue promo Awards Flying Blue

promo Awards allows you to get 20 to 50

off select award travel every month

there’s a new set of destinations and

routes to choose from which makes it an

excellent opportunity to save some miles

and points if you want to travel to

Europe to redeem promo rewards there’s

usually a booking time frame which is

about 30 days for April it’s from April

1st to April 30th and the travel time

frame is until September 30th this means

that you’ll need to book your flight

within the specific booking time frame

and travel before the travel time frame

ends to enjoy the discount the awards

are typically a mix of short and

long-haul flights with more economy than

business class options however

occasionally there is long-haul business

class promo rewards which can save you a

ton of miles and points the URL for the

promo reward stays the same every single

month and it’ll be linked down in the

description and pinned in the comment

you can visit the link every first of

the month and see what new destinations

our routes are available for the promo

Awards taking a look at this month’s

promo Awards there are short and

long-haul flights and it never specifies

whether their economy or business class

but you can probably tell from the

starting from amounts the higher prices

are likely premium cabin discounts

whereas the lower prices are likely

economy keep in mind that these awards

are subject to availability so you might

not always find what you’re looking for

if there’s no award availability

sometimes these deals can get pretty low

for example this month it’s 7 500 miles

between Montreal and Paris and this can

get even lower which I’ll go over in the

maximize section so stick around for

that but for now let’s run through a

test search so I’m here on

I’d like to type in because

it takes you to the US version of Air

France if you type in

it’ll take you to a splash page it’s

really annoying that you have to click

through so type in you can

also search on klm2 if you want to but I

just prefer Air France because I’m most

familiar with it it’s very similar on

KLM just pick whichever one you want but

I like to type in and

that’ll take you to this us version of

this page and then let’s go from

Washington to

um Amsterdam for example and that’s one

of the promo rewards for this month and

let’s leave this departure date blank

because that would give us an award

counter let’s just do one passenger for

now and let’s do economy and hit search

fight and so by leaving that date blank

that gives you this award calendar here

and the promo fares are highlighted in

the orange color which makes it super

easy and we can kind of go month to

month to see which dates require the

fewest amount of points and which dates

are promo rewards and I’m gonna go to

September for example and so this is the

end of the schedule for promo rewards

during this month and so that’s why

October November and December is more

expensive and so promo Awards is 12 750

whereas 17 000 miles it’s a typical low

or the economy flight and let’s go ahead

and click on the 16th for example and

here on the 16th the first option is the

12 750 miles and if you click on that it

confirms that it is a promo rewards by

this orange tab up here and it says

economy promo and so you can see the

regular economy me as seventeen thousand

miles whereas the promo Awards is twelve

thousand seven hundred and fifty I want

to warn you that flying blue Air France

or kalin’s award search experience is

super buggy oftentimes you get an error

or an award counter might be inaccurate

you have to do a decent amount of

clicking around if you don’t find the

promo rewards you’re looking for on the

first try my recommendation is to search

for one-way flights first if you find

the outbound and the inbound flight

separately you can later search for both

of them together and put them in the

same itinerary I also recommend using

the mobile app sometimes because it

allows you to skim through the weeks

quickly and is not as buggy as the

website now let’s get into maximizing

this Redemption Flying Blue promo awards

are typically offered between Europe and

the listed destination for example if it

says Washington is listed it means that

the flights between Europe and

Washington are on promo rewards and

you’re not limited to flying into only

at Paris or Amsterdam you can continue

on to other parts of Europe This brings

up a unique aspect of flying blue is

that sometimes if you you’re looking to

fly Beyond Paris or Amsterdam to other

European destinations like Prague

budapesh Flying Blue won’t charge you

extra miles for the flight for instance

a search from Washington to Paris costs

12 750 miles if I run the same search to

Budapest or Prague it’ll still cost 12

750 miles this is not always the case

but it’s worth knowing that sometimes

you can travel a bit further for the

same exact price another way to maximize

this is that Air France and KLM recently

introduced free stopovers for award

flights if you don’t know what stopovers

are stopovers are stops in cities more

than 24 hours whereas layovers are less

than 24 hours this means that if you’re

flying from Washington connecting to

Paris and then on to Budapest you can

extend your stay in Paris for up to 12

months as a stopover you can fly to

Paris see Paris for a few days or

explore France for a few weeks and then

continue on to the same itinerary to

Budapest unfortunately there isn’t a ton

of information about booking stopovers

with flying blue yet and the only way to

book them is to call this number and

call Flying Blue even then some phone

agents aren’t very well versed in the

stopover rules yet or the ability to

book stopovers and so you might call in

and get an agent that has no idea what

you’re talking about and have no idea

how to book a stopover in that case

that’s where you might need to hang up

and then call again it’s also unknown

what tickets or types of routing is

allowed for stopovers so just keep all

this in mind but don’t get too excited

because you might be disappointed if it

doesn’t work out I’ll make a separate

video on stopovers with flying blue when

I get a chance to try to book an

itinerary with a stopover myself and

finally a good way to maximize promo

rewards is to stack the already

discounted award tickets with transfer

bonuses for example currently Chase is

offering a 25 transfer bonus when you

transfer chase points over to Flying

Blue that means for our previous example

of Washington that cost 12 750 miles

instead of transferring 12 750 miles

chase points to Flying Blue use needed

transfer 10 200 points but since Chase

only lets you transfer points in 1000

Point increments you’ll need to transfer

11 000 points it’s a small discount from

the transfer bonus but it still saves

you some points historically the highest

transfer bonus for flying blue is 25

another way to maximize your flying blue

models or credit card points is to check

out this playlist up here which has

several videos about how to maximize

Flying Blue Miles and booking flights

with flying blue remember